A Versatile Insurance Agent and Radio Show Host – Brent Carter

Brent Carter might be one of the most prominent examples of longevity, persistence, and hard work. He has been in the insurance agency before the 21st century even started, thus distinguishing himself as a well-versed specialist who obtained knowledge through experience. This insurance agent was raised in the Lone Star State, in a mid-size city called Victoria. To this day, he remains very loyal to Texas by supporting everything that is Texan-made.

Brent Carter Victoria TX went to Smith Elementary after which he attended Howell Middle School. In 1981, he graduated from Victoria High School and went off to college. He then spent five subsequent years obtaining a college degree which was achieved in 1986. Carter graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from the University of Texas at Austin. With his educational background from one of the best higher-education institutions in the state, Carter was set for a fruitful career.

The Industry Insight
People who have had a chance to work with Carter have classified him as a conservative person who will treat business partners as friends. Also, he is a fierce Christian who was raised through Northside Baptist Church. Currently, Carter is employed by the GSM Insurors and works to help businesses with risk management in Victoria. His career in the insurance industry has lasted over 25 years, and he has worked in some of the largest cities that Texas has to offer such as Dallas and Houston.

Personal Life

Carter is a father of three kids who are all very active in sports. Two of his kids are already college students attending A&M, where they also take part in university-level sports. Some of his main hobbies include golfing, fishing, and as pertinent to a true Texan, hunting.

A Recent Radio Endeavor
Through his line of work, Brent Carter Victoria TX met Ash Wade from Canada who he has been friends with for a long time. The reason why their friendship is important is that it facilitated a creation of a radio show. It all started as a simple lunch that these two would have on a regular basis. During these encounters, they would discuss any and all current domestic or international problems that have become popular as of lately. Ultimately, the humorous and interactive discussions prompted an idea to share them with other, thus giving back to Victoria.
The show was sponsored by many different entities including VeraCruz Restaurant, Wendt Electrical, and Empire Lodge. Since these sponsors ensured that there was enough capital to go through with the project, Wade and Carter were able to get their radio show running fairly quickly.

Other Interests
As aforementioned, Carter is a man of many capabilities. He is a top-notch insurance agent who spends his free time as a radio show personality. His passion for Texas is reflected through his passion for sports as he supports Dallas Cowboys, Houston Astros, San Antonio Spurs, and anything out of the University of Texas!